El Abierto

A club, in the middle of the city, for tennis and events.
A place to play and celebrate

El Abierto Tenis is a top-level sports club with no membership required. Is a meeting place for both amateurs and professionals, with activities for everyone in the family. With Hernán Gumy at the helm, El Abierto Tenis was designed to make our tennis philosophy a reality: tennis is a lifetime sport. We offer different types of coaching and teaching, adapted to every level and each set of goals and objectives. El Abierto Tenis is not only for professionals, but also for young amateurs families, and everyone who loves tennis.

El Abierto Eventos is a place with beautiful gardens and green spaces in the middle of city, with the cuisine of Pablo Massey and options for contracting the leading events professionals to curate, design and bring your event to life. At El Abierto Eventos, inside and outside spaces flow together to become the perfect setting for each celebration. A place to enjoy the out-of-doors with family, friends and co-workers.

Casa Cavia

Casa Cavia is an elegant home that brings together a restaurant, publishing house, booksellers and florist’s. Built in 1927 by Norwegian architect and artist Alejandro Christophersen, it was carefully restored to become what it is today: a return to the delights of the Belle Epoque in Buenos Aires in constant dialogue with the present. A meeting place of architecture, books, food and flowers.

Lupe García, creative director, has sought out the finest Argentine talent and turned them into Casa Cavia’s gracious hosts: Ana Mosqueda (editor-in-chief of Ampersand publishing house), Julieta Caruso (head chef of the La Cocina crew) Camila Gassiebayle (director of Blumm Flower Co.) and Stephania Kallos ( architect-in-charge of the original restoration of the house). Five women bringing together the worlds of food, books, flowers and design.

A meeting place of arts and artisans, where creativity is cultivated. A place to set aside one’s daily routines in favor of pleasure and contemplation.

Piso Tres

Pablo Massey’s private dining experience, Piso Tres, combines design, technology and intimacy for every kind of event. A contemporary place to dine in the historic district of Buenos Aires, Piso Tres is intensely vibrant both day and night. We offer a unique way to celebrate with the cuisine of Pablo Massey.

Pablo Massey Catering

Un catering de origen argentino y de personalidad cosmopolita. Pablo Massey viaja, se inspira y vuelca en sus propuestas sabores de todo el mundo. Siempre, cocinando con productos locales de calidad.

+54 911 7004 4346
Avenida Triunvirato 6385, C1431, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

La Panaderia de Pablo

La Panadería de Pablo is a true Porteño restaurant with a Mediterranean approach in its cooking techniques. La Panadería has always based its offerings on local products of superior quality.

Pablo Massey takes the best of Porteño culture and revitalizes it with world cuisine, giving our traditions a modern, cosmopolitan edge. Fresh vegetables, prime beef, fresh- and salt-water fish. Our bread and pasta is always homemade and our menu is always seasonal.


We adapt to any type of event: from business days to weddings and birthdays. For us each celebration is a new staging, a new challenge. We seek to understand, always, the customer's need, to create tailor-made festivities.

We believe that environments create life stories, which is why we want to welcome those who come to celebrate and give them the best of us. Give them that warmth we just feel at home.

Pedro Sello Blanco
114 969 1997